Well Intended Parents-Unintended Consequences Podcast

Well Intended Parents-Unintended Consequences Podcast

The behavior of well-intended parents can actually backfire and create unintended consequences for their adolescents.

Tune in to Northfield Township Illinois Podcast and hear Dr. Renee Dominguez, Co-Executive Director of Family Service Center in Northfield Illinois provide valuable insights and strategies that avoid three common parenting pitfalls:

  1. Knee-jerk Reactions
  2. Fixed-Mindset Messaging
  3. Overparenting

Dr. Dominguez encourages parents to "put on their own oxygen masks" and "pause, reflect and intend" in order to put their best parenting foot forward.

Hear Jack Macholl interview Renee Dominguez on episode 3 of the Northfield Township Podcast.

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