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In the coming weeks and months, the District 34 Board of Education will consider putting a referendum to voters. The Board's decisions will influence the character of our schools and community for years and decades to come.

At the May 2019 Board of Education meeting, FGM Architects presented the results of an in-depth space utilization study. That study followed the master facilities assessment conducted over several months throughout in 2018. Those studies show great needs of District 34 facilities, and where there are opportunities to make improvements.

Before making any decisions on how to address those needs, the Board wants to understand the desires and perspectives of current, past and future D34 families, as well as community members at large.

The Building Future Task Force

Schools are the core of the community, and any large-scale decisions that the administration and Board of Education make about the schools will impact all of Glenview. Therefore, the heart of the process of determining the nature of a facilities referendum is community input, and that input begins with the Building Future Task Force, made up of more than 40 parents, teachers and staff, community members and community partners. The Task Force will meet three times: 

August 6, 2019
August 22, 2019
November 12, 2019

The task force will gain in-depth understanding into the current state of the facilities and the needs of the District. They will:
  • Review background information including capital needs and the planning work that has been completed to date
  • Consider a proposed master facility plan to address those needs
  • Review community research and feedback
  • Develop a recommendation to the Superintendent, who will then make a recommendation to the Board of Education
The Board will take action at the December Board of Education meeting. 

Community Engagement Sessions

District 34 schools are aging, in need of repairs and don't fully allow teaching and learning that meets the needs of all students. The administration and Board of Education want your input. Please join us at a community engagement session. You’ll learn about our facilities, how environment impacts education, areas for improvement, and financing options. There will be opportunities to offer feedback that will shape the future of our schools.

All sessions are 6-8pm. The same information will be presented at all meetings; choose one that is most convenient for you. If you can't attend, visit for more information.

Thursday, September 19

Springman Middle School
2701 Central Road

Tuesday, September 24

Westbrook Elementary School
1333 Greenwood Road

Wednesday, September 25

Hoffman Elementary School
2000 Harrison Street

Jueves 26 de septiembre

Henking Elementary School
2941 Linneman Street
Esta sesión se realizará en español

Facility Work: What We've Done

Since the last successful facility referendum in November 2000 (which all went to one school, to build Attea Middle School), District 34 has spent $42M to maintain our buildings. Just this summer, work was completed with $9.8M in non-referendum bonds approved by the Board of Education in November 2018.

See the Facility Update page with a week-by-week outline of the 2019 summer work

However, as the facilities continue to age, the critical need to provide instruction that meets the needs of today's learners grows, and the District 34 strategic plan shows our path to being a premier school district, it is clear that we need to fully assess our needs, gathering extensive research and community input.