Instructional Coaches

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Matt Silverman

Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
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Raquel Kim

Director of EL & Bilingual Programs
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Alan Hernandez

Hispanic Community Engagement Coordinator
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Tracy Tuchow

Administrative Assistant
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Teaching and learning are supported by instructional coaches who provide job-embedded, building, and district level professional development related to curriculum, assessment and instruction. District 34 has subject-specific coaches to support curriculum and instruction as well as building level coaches to support professional growth and student achievement.


District Level Instructional Coaches:

Jenny Bergeron - District Instructional Coach for Math
 Molly Merkey - Teacher on Assignment for Gifted and Assessment
Carly Spina - Title III District Instructional Coach
Lillian Uhler - Title III District Instructional Coach

Building Level Instructional Coaches: 

During the 2019-2020 School Year, the District instructional focus for grades K-5 is the initial implementation of balanced literacy through a writing workshop model.  In subsequent school years, implementation of a reading workshop model will provide the other balanced literacy element and opportunity to solidify highly effective instruction for all classrooms and students.  The following mission and vision statements will provide the foundation and continuous improvement goals throughout the District.

Balanced Literacy Mission
To strengthen our core literacy instructional practice(s) for all students through consistency, inclusion and high impact, research-based teaching and learning.  

Balanced Literacy Vision
All students and staff engaging, growing and thriving in a balanced literacy learning model using common structures and resources. 

The organizational framework will be achieved through the following actions:

  • Ongoing professional learning that honors level of understanding and choice

  • Instructional support from the Teaching and Learning Department

  • Commitment from all staff to engage in the professional learning and use of common resources

A continuous improvement cycle to ensure implementation fidelity and application of research-based, highly effective pedagogy will be achieved by utilizing:

  • Coaching Cycles (model, plan, observe, reflect)

  • Learning Labs

  • System Feedback Collection

Samantha Eiseman

Samantha Eiseman - Glen Grove/Hoffman

Adrienne Hoffer - Lyon/Pleasant Ridge

Barrie Shinsky - Henking/Westbrook
Aaron Wilkins - Springman/Attea

Building Level Title I Coaches:

Katie Harvey - Springman
Allie Greene - Hoffman/Glen Grove
Carlissa Pokora - Henking/Westbrook

Intermediate Science Specialists:

The following Specialists will focus on the implementation of the District 34 science curriculum with a strong commitment to student engagement.  Science Specialists will collaborate with each other, general education teachers and the District Science Coach to ensure that all students experience highly effective, standards-based science teaching and learning.  In-class experiments, hands-on learning and the development of Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER) skills will be supported by the Science Specialists.  

Kari Stella - Glen Grove
Lisa Nathaus - Hoffman
Laura Strejc - Pleasant Ridge