Overview of the Advanced and Accelerated Math Program

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Matt Silverman

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Raquel Kim

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Alan Hernandez

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The Math Program in District 34 offers advanced and accelerated options for students beginning in grade 4.

In grades 4 and 5, students may qualify for placement in the Advanced Math Program. Advanced Math is provided to meet the needs of students who regularly exhibit strong math skills and characteristics such as curiosity, motivation and perseverance with more challenging math concepts. The Advanced Program allows students more time to engage in complex application of skills and concepts, problem-solving and critical thinking with grade-level standards.

Beginning in 6th grade, students may be enrolled in Accelerated Math Programming. District 34 has two pathways for Accelerated Math students. Students who are identified for placement in Single Accelerated will be positioned to take Algebra in 8th grade. Successful completion of the Single Accelerated Pathway positions students to take Geometry as freshmen. Double Accelerated students will be on a pathway to take Geometry in 8th grade and positioned to take Algebra II in 9th grade.
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