Mastery Check Assessments

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What are the Math Mastery Checks?

Our District Mastery Checks are locally customized, district-wide assessments designed to be given periodically throughout a school year to measure student mastery of standards targeted for instruction. Mastery Check assessments within one subject area (such as Algebra) provide consistency in content and pacing between grade levels. Similarly, grade-level Mastery Check assessments provide consistency in content and pacing among classrooms and schools.  Advanced and Grade Level pathways contain the same standards in 4th and 5th grades; therefore, the Mastery Check content is the same regardless of the pathway in grades K-5.

Why do we need these Mastery Checks in addition to MAP and PARCC?

MAP testing provides both a growth level and national achievement level.  PARCC testing is government regulated and also not aligned directly with our District curriculum.  Since our Mastery Checks are district-created, they directly align with District 34 curriculum and can be modified as needed.  This data will directly align with the curriculum taught in our District.

How will the data be used?

Data from the Mastery Check assessments provides information about which content standards have been mastered and which require additional instruction, identifying students’ strengths and needs.  They also inform instruction in cases in which standards have not been mastered even though appropriate learning opportunities have been provided.  It will also identify if large numbers of students are making particular types of errors.  If large numbers of students, both high and low scoring alike, are missing items covering a particular skill, then the District may wish to explore whether that performance objective is receiving adequate coverage in the curriculum materials.

Teachers can use the results to:

  • Measure student achievement
  • Reflect on teaching practices
  • Inform classroom instruction
  • Provide targeted feedback on student learning

The District can use the results to:

  • Guide curricular planning and district decision-making
  • Inform decisions and/or modifications in curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Ensure consistency of student learning opportunities among schools and grade levels
  • Evaluate district programs
  • Measure student achievement
  • Identify areas for district-wide professional development
  • Identify progress for provisionally placed advanced and accelerated math students

Who will take the Math Mastery Check assessments?

At this time, students in grades 4 through 8 will take the District Math Mastery Check assessments.

When are the administration windows?

The first Mastery Check will usually occur during the last two weeks of the first trimester.  The second Mastery Check will occur around the midterm of the third trimester. The window may change slightly from year to year depending on the District Assessment Calendar.

How and when will students and parents know their scores?

Teachers can share results in class.  However, the assessments are digital and therefore will not be taken home.  

Should students study for the Mastery Check assessments?

While students should be informed as to when they will be administered, students should not review material prior to administration of the Mastery Check assessments.  They are intended to assess the level at which students have retained understanding of the standards throughout the trimester(s).

Mastery Check Parent Letter