Belief Statements

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Matt Silverman

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction
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Raquel Kim

Director of EL & Bilingual Programs
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Tracy Tuchow

Administrative Assistant
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Belief Statement 1:

By grade 4, some students show signs of readiness for more advanced math instruction.  Advanced students show readiness to apply newly acquired skills sooner than peers in the non-advanced courses.  While differentiation is necessary in all courses, having a separate course for advanced students allows for a different instructional approach. 

Belief Statement 2:

Appendix A of the Common Core State Standards recommends compacting curriculum for accelerated learners in grades 7 and above.  As District 34 is a high performing district, we begin the compacting for our Double Accelerated group of students in grade 6.  Our Single Accelerated students begin learning a compacted curriculum in 7th grade, as recommended in Appendix A.

Belief Statement 3:

Advanced and Accelerated math students should demonstrate the following qualities:
  • Strong mathematical skills and conceptual understanding
  • Regularly demonstrated use of the 8 Mathematical Practices
  • Consistent exemplary work habits and habits of mind

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