Provisional Process

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Should a student be placed in Advanced/Accelerated Math based on results of Phase 2 or Phase 3 (Appeal), a provisional placement process will be communicated to the parent(s) and student.  The student’s progress will be monitored during the first trimester to insure appropriate placement.  The following will occur during the provisional stage of placement:

Midpoint of Trimester 1:

At the midterm of Trimester 1, parents will receive an update on their child’s progress in the following areas:

  • level of independence with recalling and applying previously learned skills and concepts
  • ease of learning and processing new mathematical concepts
  • use of multiple strategies to persevere when solving problems and explaining math ideas
  • level of success while working independently (homework, class work, challenge problems)
Parents are always welcome to reach out to teachers at any time to hear how their child is doing in math class.

End of Trimester 1:

Parents will receive notification at the end of Trimester 1 providing the student’s performance data.  A student must meet two of the following three criteria to remain in the Advanced/Accelerated course:
  • Class average of test scores
    * Grades 4-5: Must MEET all assessed standards
    * Grades 6-8: Score of 80% or above
  • Student Performance Rating Scale
    * Grades 4-8: Must earn at least 30 out of 40 points
  • District Trimester 1 Math Benchmark
    * Grades 4-5: Must MEET all assessed standards
    * Grades 6-8: Score of 75% or above
If a student meets two of the criteria, s/he will remain in the Advanced/Accelerated course placement.  If, however, s/he does not meet the required performance levels, the student will be moved to a more appropriate course and be supported to make a successful transition.  Schedule changes would be made to accommodate the more appropriate course placement.
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