Building Future: Referendum Progress

An Overview

On March 17, 2020, the community approved a referendum for $119 million to allow District 34 to repair, replace and update our buildings. 

This successful referendum signals that residents understand the importance of reinvesting in the school district’s capital assets.  The impact of the referendum will positively impact the community for decades to come, and it will be felt at every school, in every classroom, by every District 34 student. We recognize that we are tasked with Building Future. 

We will share the progress of the renovation, repair and construction in all of our buildings, and track District 34’s stewardship of taxpayer funds. 

Village of Glenview Approval Process

On September 22, 2020 the Village of Glenview Plan Commission gave approval for construction projects at Henking, Lyon and Springman; the Westbrook construction project will be considered at the October 13, 2020 Plan Commission meeting. On September 23, the Appearance Commission gave preliminary approval for all projects.   

Construction Updates

Rendering Photo Gallery

Henking Multipurpose Room Interior
Henking Corridor Interior
Henking Classroom Interior
Rendering Image of Henking Classroom Interior
Henking Classroon from Southwest
Lyon Exterior View A
Lyon Exterior View B, 8 Kindergarten Classrooms
Lyon Exterior View B, 8 Kindergarten Classrooms
Lyon Exterior View C
Lyon Courtyard Playground
Lyon Classroom Interior
Rendering photo of Lyon Classroom Interior
Lyon Classroom Interior Near Window
Lyon Multipurpose Room Interior
Westbrook View from NorthEast
Westbrook View from SouthEast
Westbrook View from SouthEast2
Westbrook View from SouthEast #3
Westbrook View from New Playground
Westbrook Classroom Interior #1
Westbrook Classroom Interior #2
Westbrook Multipurpose Room Interior #1
Westbrook Corridor Interior
Westbrook Reading Room
Westbrook Reading Room Interior
Westbrook Reading Room Interior Opposite Side
Springman Gyn Interiors
Springman Gyn Interiors chairs setup
Springman Exterior View C
Springman Exterior View C at Night
Springman Entry Interiors
Springman Entry Interiors Hallway
Springman Admin Interiors
Springman Admin Interior view
Springman Exterior View A
Springman Cafeteria Interior
Springman Cafeteria Interior View
Springman Exterior View E
Springman Exterior View E Closeup
Springman Stem Lab Interior
Springman Stem Lab Interior #2
Springman Exterior View B
Springman Science Lab  Interior
Springman Science Lab Interior #2
Springman Science Lab Interior View
Springman Science Lab Interior #3
Attea Science Lab Interior #2
Attea Science Lab Interior

Summary of Planned School Improvements

Summer 2020 Pre-Construction Community Meetings

D34 provided the community an opportunity to hear from architects, engineers and construction management about site plans, grading and drainage, materials, elevations, and other zoning issues that relate to construction at Henking Elementary School, Lyon Elementary School, Westbrook Elementary School and Springman Middle School. You can view recordings of the virtual meetings, and presentations that include renderings of the schools. 

June 25, 2020 Community Meeting: Henking, Lyon, Westbrook Construction Updates

August 11, 2020 Community Meeting: Springman Construction Update

Summer Construction Updates