Springman Referendum Progress

Construction Progress

First all school assembly in the new Springman gym
Springman students using their new gym
Springman students learning schedules in their new school entry
Aerial photo of Springman School as of July2022
Springman New Entrance
Springman Front Entrance
Springman cubbies outside their new gym
April 2022
Springman Site Utilization
Images are renderings; materials & colors may not be exact.

Ground Breaking

On May 17, 2021, the D34 Board of Education, Village Representatives, administrators and students broke ground at Lyon, Westbrook and Henking elementary schools and Springman Middle School. 

Springman Ground Breaking

An Overview

On March 17, 2020, the community approved a referendum for $119 million to allow District 34 to repair, replace and update our buildings. 

This successful referendum signals that residents understand the importance of reinvesting in the school district’s capital assets.  The impact of the referendum will positively impact the community for decades to come, and it will be felt at every school, in every classroom, by every District 34 student. We recognize that we are tasked with Building Future. 

School Construction Schedule

Phase 1 Project Scope

  • 2 Story Building Addition & Sitework

  • 1 Gymnasium with Bleachers & Operable Partition

  • 4 Locker Rooms (Boys & Girls)

  • 4 P.E. Offices

  • Lobby & Vestibules

  • 4 Science Labs with 2 Prep Labs

  • 2 Multi-User Toilets (Boys & Girls)

  • 2 Single User Toilets

  • 2 Stair Towers

  • 1 Storm Water Detention System

  • Landscaping

What can we expect?

The following areas will be focused on to improve Springman:

  • Upgrading science labs to meet national standards*
  • Creating additional special education spaces
  • Consolidating and relocating offices to increase security and provide students with better access to staff 
  • Reconfiguring stairways to improve safety and meet current codes
  • Relocating the cafeteria to improve the student experience, supervision, acoustics, and ADA accessibility
  • Moving locker rooms out of the basement to improve supervision and accessibility

*Attea labs will also be updated so all D34 middle school students learn in labs that support Next Generation Science Standards.

Construction will also focus on the following:

  • ADA improvements
  • Fire suppression sprinkler system throughout
  • Partial roof replacement
  • Mechanical equipment replacement
  • Galvanized piping replacement
  • Lighting replacement throughout
  • Site reconfiguration including underground stormwater detention
  • New entry addition at main office
  • Renovation of east gym to become new cafeteria
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing replacement
  • New south gym addition
  • Classroom environment (acoustics, flooring, other)

Phase 1 Timeline