Q: How can I help my child find a lost item?

We ask students to thoughtfully label all school supplies and materials regularly brought to school with their full names (first and last).  This includes labeling jackets, lunch bags, and pencil bags/boxes.  If a student misplaces an item during the school day, the student should check each of his/her classrooms - this means talking with each teacher about the missing item.  If this classroom search is not successful, the student should check the lost and found located in the cafeteria. If the item is still missing, the student can report the missing item(s) to the Asst. to the Principal (Rm 111) and the Main Office.  The Asst. to the Principal will help with the search and report any progress in locating the item(s) to the student.

More expensive lost items (cell phones, glasses, etc) will be given directly to the Asst. to the Principal.

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