Q: What are the transportation rules?

The District shall provide free transportation for all students in the District: (1) residing at a distance of one and one-half miles or more from their assigned schools, or (2) residing within one and one-half miles from their assigned schools where walking to school or to a pick-up point or bus stop would constitute a serious hazard due to vehicular traffic or rail crossing, and adequate public transportation is not available.

The District may provide and charge a fee for transportation for other students residing within one and one-half miles from their assigned school. A student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) may file a petition with the School Board requesting the District to submit a serious safety hazard finding to IDOT requesting transportation due to the existence of a serious safety hazard. 

Free transportation services and vehicle adaptation for special education students shall be provided if included in the students’ individualized educational program.

Students are only allowed to ride the bus or buses they have been assigned to ride and will only be assigned to one morning route and one afternoon route. Additionally, they may only be picked up from and dropped off at their assigned stop or stops and these stops are to remain consistent. Parents are responsible for transportation if a short-term change is needed.

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