Q: AFTERNOON BUS ROUTES: What is the difference between the "Regular 3:00pm Bus Run" and the "4:10pm Activity Bus Run"?

There are two afternoon bus runs on each school day for all students entitled to bus services.  Students board buses for the Regular Afternoon Bus Run at the end of the school day (3:00pm) and buses leave for their destinations by approximately 3:10pm each day.  Students choosing to stay after school for an activity (clubs, intramurals, etc.), to meet with a teacher, or to use the LRTC, may then utilize the 4:10pm Activity Bus Run. Students who participate in these activities will be issued a bus pass by the adult who supervised them during the activity period. Students staying after school must be in a supervised activity with a staff member.

There are fewer buses for the 4:10pm Activity Bus Run than for the Regular Afternoon Bus Run so students will have a longer walk from the bus stops to their residences.

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