Q: What do I need to do to pick up my child before the end of the school day (early dismissal)?

If a parent needs to pick up their child before the end of the school day, please send them to school with an explanatory note.  Be sure to include the time of pick up from school. Instruct the student to bring the note to the Main Office or Health Office upon arrival at school.  A staff member will issue an Early Dismissal Pass which they in turn will present to the teacher whose class they will be leaving.  The child will then pack up their belongings and wait for pick up in the Main Office. A parent or authorized person must come into the office to sign out the student. Children are not permitted to wait outside.

Students are required to have a note even if they will be leaving during passing period or lunch.  They should present the Early Dismissal Pass to their next teacher so their whereabouts will be known.

On rare occasions, if a student needs to leave early for an issue that has come up after the child has left for school, parents may call the Main Office or Health Office to request an Early Dismissal Pass be sent to their student in class.  These requests should be made as early as possible and will be only taken until 2:30pm. As a matter of course, office staff do not call into rooms to give students messages.

Adhering to this policy allows for a quicker exit from building as students are waiting in the office and limits the amount of interruptions to classes. 

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