Q: What happens if my child is absent?

One of the major objectives of the school health program is the encouragement and development of good health habits. For each child’s protection and for the protection of schoolmates, children should stay home when they have the following symptoms: sore throat, coughing, rashes, weakness, fever, earache, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, enlarged glands, diarrhea, or listlessness.

If, for any reason, your child must be absent from school, parents should call the health office (847-998-5041) before school begins each day by 8:15 am that your child is absent. Each school has a voicemail system that is available 24 hours a day. (Parents can leave a message with absence information at any time, even when shool is not in session.) State your child's name, grade and teacher's name. If you do not report your child's absence within the first hour of school, the school nurse will contact your home. If your child is ill with a strep infection or other illness that is contagious, report this at the time of your call. Your child should be free of fever for twenty-four hours before returning to school.

Absences which have been accounted for through telephone communication do not require a written note when the child returns to school. However, if a child has had a communicable disease, a note indicating the child may return to school is required from the attending physician.

All children are required by law to attend school every day. Repeated absence from school without a valid reason is considered truancy. The Principal will contact parents as a first step in dealing with this problem. School resources such as the school nurse, social worker, etc. are available in attempting to find a solution. If the problem is not resolved at the local school, it shall be referred to the Truancy Office at Suburban Cook County Regional Office of Education.

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