Q: What time is dismissal at Henking?

  1. Walkers and car pick up students are dismissed at 3:40 P.M. Car riders exit Door G and walkers exit Door F. There are supervisors to direct the students to the car pick up areas. Car pick up is at the west end of the school and line up near the wall in our West lot.

  2. Bus students will be dismissed to the bus line up areas at 3:40 P.M. Under supervision, students will proceed to their bus. All busses are located in the east parking lot.

  3. At times, the buses may be late (the primary schools are the last schools to be picked up).

  • Students are well-supervised at all times. We encourage you to call anytime if you are worried about a late bus arrival. If a bus will be particularly late, we will call the parents of the students on that bus. Please know that it takes a long time to call parents, and a call from you is welcome.

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