Will GOAL follow the middle school, primary and intermediate schedules?

It is important to create a schedule that students and families can become accustomed to and support the individual learning of the members of each class. GOAL will follow a schedule that is setup and managed by GOAL leadership and staff.  The schedule will include:

  • Morning ZOOM meeting for all students to go over the day, the work and to build a class community.  
  • A conclusion (wrap-up) meeting will occur for each class to help bring the day to a close, answer any questions, and support the students for the work to come the following day.
  • In addition to larger class ZOOM meetings, for specific subjects, there will be opportunities for small groups review, instruction, and intervention around topics shared in either large group meetings, or in asynchronous videos / learning opportunities.
  • A daily schedule of ZOOM meetings for each subject area addressed that day

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