Changes to Last Day of School for Students

Amendment to the 2021-2022 (Current Year) Calendar: End-of-Year Changes

At the October 18 Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Dr. Delli reminded the Board and community that, in addition to the construction projects at Henking, Lyon, Westbrook and Springman, half of the classrooms in all of the buildings will be completely renovated over the summer of 2022. In reviewing the timeline for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the widespread construction and renovation in all eight of the District's schools, the construction managers have firmly stated the need to have classrooms and buildings vacated entirely on Friday June 3 to help ensure the on-time opening in the fall.

Teachers and staff need time to clear out their work spaces, and to identify items that need to be packed, labeled and stored. While some purging and packing will take place throughout the year, the District does not want teachers to be without the materials they need for students while students are still in the classrooms. Therefore, the administration proposed, and the Board approved, changes to the 2021-2022 calendar:

  • The last day of student attendance is Friday, May 27, the day before Memorial Day weekend (changed from Wednesday, June 1)
  • The last day for staff remains Thursday, June 2.

This provides staff the opportunity to focus on student learning through the last day of student attendance, and then have the needed time to pack, sort and completely clear out their classrooms so that work can begin on June 3.

There had been additional days built into the calendar, so with this change, the District still meets the state requirement of 176 days of student attendance. 

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