Board of Education Meeting on Monday, May 16 at 7:30pm at Westbrook, Streamed on YouTube

The Regular Board of Education meeting on Monday, May 16 will be held at 7:30pm at Westbrook School, 1333 Greenwood Road. Use the front entrance; signs will direct you to the meeting room. The meeting also will be streamed live on the District 34 YouTube channel.

You can find the meeting agenda here. Highlights of the meeting include: 

  • Awarding of construction contracts
  • Teaching & Learning update
  • Student Services update
  • Presentation of the 2023 tentative budget

Health & Safety Protocols

At this time, masks are recommended, but not required, in District 34 buildings. 

Community Participation

The District 34 Board of Education welcomes community participation. Those in attendance, in person, may provide public comment. To ensure all voices are heard and that the meeting follows Board policy (Policy 2:230), meetings follow these procedures for public comment:

  • Members of the community who wish to address the Board during community participation should complete a comment card (available at the check in table) and give it to the Director of Communications & Strategic Planning.
  • The Board President will call community members who submit cards forward. They will be asked to introduce themselves and describe their relationship with the District (e.g., “Parent of children who attend Westbrook and Glen Grove,” or “Community member with no children in District 34 schools.”). 
  • If a community member in the overflow room wishes to make a comment, they can give their comment card to the D34 staff member on duty in the room (or, if they have already turned in their card, they can check in with that staff member). They will be brought to the meeting room to speak when it is their turn, and an administrator or other D34 staff member will move to the overflow room to meet capacity requirements. 
  • The Board may limit each individual’s comment period to three minutes in order to allow everyone an opportunity to be heard. A timer will be used; when time is up, please do your best to finish your comments quickly. 
  • Each person can comment once during each community participation period.
  • The Board is in “listening mode” during this time. Board members may offer quick answers when possible. In most cases, the Board will note the questions and comments, and the Board or administration will follow up with answers either via email or by posting information online, if appropriate.
  • A brief summary of comments and names of those who speak will be included in Board Briefs, the meeting summary newsletter sent to the community.