Guiding Your Child Through Social Strife Recording

Guiding Your Child Through Social Strife Recording

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During the program, Guiding Your Child Through Social Strife: A Playbook for Families, D34 school psychologists and social workers, as well as Family Service Center’s Robin Lake, LCSW, offered insight into how our schools help students develop social skills and address conflict. With their always caring and compassionate focus, they provided practical strategies to help families have productive conversations with your child – and with other adults. 

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You can watch the recording at your convenience (Passcode: D34StrifeHelp!). You can choose to listen in Spanish or Mongolian. Select your language by clicking the globe icon at the bottom of the screen at any time (language_D-MN is Mongolian).

You can find this presentation and past recordings on the D34 ParentConnect website

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