Looking to the Future: A New Role for D34 Food Services

On Monday, April 18, the Board of Education approved Stacy Lenihan as District 34’s new director of nutrition and food services. Mrs. Lenihan will start in August, and will work alongside District 34’s current director of food service Kim Cleveland over the 2022-2023 school year to gain important knowledge about our schools, processes and possibilities for the future of the department. 

Mrs. Lenihan is a registered dietitian nutritionist. She holds a bachelors of science in food, nutrition and dietetics, and a masters of science in nutrition and wellness. She’s currently the director of nutrition and food services in Township High School District 211 in Palatine. 

She and Ms. Cleveland will be partners for the next year, but Mrs. Lenihan’s focus will be on expanding our food service operations into the classrooms and throughout the community. Some of the initiatives she will work on include: 

  • Integrating the school meal program with nutrition focused opportunities during the school day and through extra curricular activities

  • Initiating community partnerships to promote nutrition within the school community

  • Advocating for healthy student lifestyle choices and encourage healthy school environments

  • Creating opportunities for participation in nutrition education promotions in the classroom 

  • Soliciting family and community involvement to encourage healthy habits through nutrition-centered communication to key stakeholders

The partnership year will provide a smooth transition for the Food Service department to prepare for Kim Cleveland’s retirement in 2023. Look for opportunities to hear from this great team about these exciting health, nutrition and partnership initiatives throughout next school year.