A Message from Superintendent: Stand Together

Dear District 34 Staff, Parents & Community Members, 

With news of two mass shootings in the past week, on top of the ongoing pandemic, we recognize that students, staff and families may be experiencing fear, anxiety and stress. 

Those in our community who are of Asian descent may feel a personal impact of the shootings in Georgia. Across District 34, approximately 20% of our students are Asian. In some of our schools, Asian students make up 30-40% of enrollment. Our schools reflect the diversity and strength of the Glenview community. That fact impels us, collectively, to recognize the rising occurrence of hate crimes against Asians in the United States and to clearly and forcefully denounce prejudice and violence toward Asian Amercians -- or any person or group of people.

Resources for Families

If your child needs assistance in addressing issues that impact their mental health and emotional well being, reach out to school psychologists and social workers during Virtual Office Hours, or directly by email or phone. Our principals, assistant principals -- and, of course, our teachers -- also are trusted adults ready and available to help our students. Parents can gain strategies and ideas to support their children, too, in a variety of upcoming parent programs.

Other timely resources that may be helpful include: 

Stand Together

District 34’s strategic plan lists diversity, inclusion and equity as a core value, and it cements the commitment to providing a safe environment for all students. The District has staff, resources and social-emotional learning in place to reduce bullying and harassment -- and to increase care and respect in our schools. In particular, you will see a commitment to building positive relationships clearly on display in all of our virtual and in-person classrooms during our “SELebration” in our transition to Adapted In Person starting April 7. 

Please work with me, and all District 34 leaders, in creating a safe and welcoming environment for all of our staff, students and families -- and proving that the diversity of our schools and our community is our strength. 

Dane Delli, Ph.D.
Glenview School District 34