Recipients of the Illinois State Board of Education Those Who Excel Award

On Monday, April 18, the Board of Education recognized District 34 recipients of the Illinois State Board of Education Those Who Excel award. This award honors those who have made a significant contribution to the state’s elementary and secondary schools. Congratulations to the following recipients: Ernie Gray, Karen Hitzeman, Cathy Kedjidjian, Chantal Diaz, and the entire Remote Learning Team, with representation from across the District: LRC Directors: Rachel Davidson, Andrea Strope, Megan Freeley, Lisa Funke, Kyle Pucciarello, Esther Storrie, Laura Nekola and Mary Alonzi; Instructional Innovation Specialists: Caryl Doetsch, Alison Keller, Jennifer Nelson, Tamara Slater, Matt Vogel, Kate Konieczka, Jeremy Fischer and Dave Ristow; Coaches: Samantha Eiseman, Carlissa Pokora, Barrie Shinsky, Aaron Wilkins, Adrienne Hoffer, Jennifer Bergeron, Carly Spina, Lillian Uhler, Caroline Vengazo, Sarah Gebhardt, Jennifer Penzinek, Mandy Freer, Allie Greene and Kate Harvey; Science Specialists: Lisa Nathaus, Laura Strejc, Jill Burns; Translators: Alan Hernadez and Gabi Diniello.