Timeline for Adapted In Person


District 34 will move to Adapted In Person on Wednesday, April 7. Here is how we get there:

  • March 5: Open selection for parents to choose In Person or GOAL (remote) in PowerSchool.
  • March 11: (Noon) Selection window closes; buildings begin placement/scheduling
  • adjustments
  • April 2: No school (previously designated non-attendance day on approved calendar)
  • April 5-6: Staff Planning Days: No Student Attendance - No Asynchronous Learning
  • April 5 (tentative date): Parent program: Cultivating Resilience During COVID with Doug Bolton, PhD
  • April 7: (Late start) First Day of Adapted In Person, kickoff of District-wide “SELebration
  • April 7, 8, 9: SELebration continues with transition activities, adapting to new routines and demands, building classroom community

The District will be using planning days on April 5-6. Five planning days were provided to every school district in the state by the Illinois State Board of Education to prepare for changes in schedules and environments during the pandemic. Those days do not have to be made up at the end of the year.

The transition to trimester 3 will happen as scheduled on Monday, March 8 (so, your T3 selection will take effect on that day). Then, your selection of In Person or GOAL for Adapted In Person will take effect on April 7.

Adapted In Person Timeline


March 5-11: Selection In PowerSchool

As shared in the presentation at the February 22 Board of Education meeting, adapted in person is an environment in which "a majority of students attend school in person daily with recommended safety measures. Online options are available for those who need them.”

Starting on Friday, March 5, PowerSchool will open for every parent to select either "In Person" or "GOAL." That selection will take effect starting on April 7, and will remain in effect for the rest of the school year. If you do not make a selection, current Hybrid students will move to Adapted In Person; GOAL students will remain in their GOAL classroom/remote environment.

Regardless of your selection for Trimester 3, you can choose either In Person or GOAL for the remainder of the school year during this selection period.

Some information about Adapted In Person is included in this newsletter; the District will provide comprehensive information and FAQs on or before Monday, March 8.


Take Time for SELebration

SELebrration Graphic

We heard in the staff newsletter that parents rank mental/social-emotional wellness as the #2 concern in moving to Adapted In Person (closely behind health and safety). Student mental health and social-emotional learning (SEL) always will be addressed in our schools. During this transition, SEL will be THE focus, and the first week will be a District-wide SELebration for students in person and in GOAL to adapt to the changes and new routines, acknowledge and manage stress and build relationships.

Staff will have focused professional development on cultivating resilience during COVID, led by Doug Bolton, PhD, who has used his degrees in clinical psychology, school psychology and educational leadership to support students with social, emotional and behavioral challenges in schools.

The District also is offering a virtual parent program with Dr. Bolton, Cultivating Resilience During COVID, tentatively scheduled for the evening of April 5. We will provide more information when the date and time are confirmed.


You'll Have More Information About Adapted In Person Before March 11, the Deadline to Make Your Decision