Focus Forward Together

This year is the last year of the District 34 2019-2024 Strategic Plan. That plan has been foundational in guiding the District through so many positive changes, from a successful referendum to the subsequent launch of full-day kindergarten and new learning spaces, from processes and programs that improve transitions for students to enhanced parent programming.

We've lived our mission: Aspire. Explore. Discover. Connect.

This year, the District is asking for input from all stakeholders to maintain that solid foundation, ensuring a strategic plan for District 34 that continues to reflect the wishes of the community.

Focus Forward Together
Colaborando Juntos
집중하다 앞으로 함께
Төвлөр Урагшаа  Хамтдаа

Please take a few minutes to take this first survey, which runs through October 1:

You can choose to participate in your native language - select that option on the first screen. It's a traditional survey - not an "exchange." We will look at the results of this survey (and similar surveys for D34 staff, the community and our 3rd-8th grade students) to determine the ideas and topics where we need to dig deeper in future exchanges.

There will be additional opportunities to provide input throughout the year; the Board will adopt the District 34 2024-2027 Strategic Plan in June, and will launch with the 2024-2025 school year.