Substitute Teachers

District 34 welcomes those who choose to give their time, talents and energy to supporting the students in our schools. Our team of substitute teachers is made up of parents who want to work with the children of the community, community members who know the value of good schools, and those looking for a flexible schedule and meaningful work.

Why I Became a Substitute


You must possess the following licensure to become a substitute teacher in District 34 per the requirements of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE):

  1. Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution of higher education, and
  2. Attain a substitute license or a Professional Educator License.

Apply for a Substitute License

  • Visit the ISBE website
  • Submit an application in ELIS (Educator Licensure Information System)
  • Pay a $50 fee
  • Send transcript to ISBE

Substitute licenses are valid for five years, and may be renewed if the individual passes an approved Illinois test of basic skills.  An individual who has passed an IL test of basic skills will not be required to retake the test for subsequent renewals.

Watch the video that takes you through the application:

Apply to Work in D34

Pay Rates

  • The daily rate for substitute teachers is $140. In addition, a bonus of $15 a day is paid three times a year to substitutes who work in the District for at least 30 days. 
  • The daily rate for a long-term substitute (certified teacher) is $292.72.

Substitute Handbook 2023-24

First page of the PDF file: GlenviewSubstituteHandbookwithUpdatedFormat2023-24