Instructional Innovation

The Technology Department assists in supporting the mission, vision and strategic plan of Glenview District 34 through the appropriate integration / utilization of technology.  In an ever evolving world of technology and the role it plays within the educational landscape, the Technology Department and Digital Age Learning For All (DALFA) Committee believe, the “regular use of technology in the classroom is a precursor to connected, transformative learning” (Johnson et al., 2013) and a path to help our district achieve its mission at the highest level.

As a district, we believe there is an appropriate balance and utilization of technology as an instructional resource.  With the dynamic nature of both the DALFA plan, as well as our district support of technology, we are focused on continually providing everyone with the necessary flexibility to feel comfortable with our focus moving forward.

To fully develop an environment that supports the goals of the plan and supports our district mission, as a department we continue to build a culture that values meaningful technology integration. Utilizing our solid foundation as a building block, the department, the committee, and more directly our instructional supports (Technology Facilitators, Instructional Coaches, Library Resource Directors), are focused on supporting the design and execution of effective instructional practices throughout all buildings.


District 34 E-Learning Plan

In accordance with the ongoing requirements by the Illinois State Board of Education and the North Cook Intermediate Service Center (NCISC), Districts must to develop, approve and submit an E-Learning Plan if they wish to be able to provide remote learning options.

The District 34 Board of Education approved a three-year E-Learning Plan on August 21, 2023 to maintain the ability to use remote learning days for weather-related or other extreme  emergency days if necessary to meet the required days of attendance. The District does not expect to employ remote learning days for general "snow days," but have the option in place for extreme situations.

District 34 E-Learning Plan

Brian Engle

Asst Supt for Instructional Innovation