Curriculum Overview

Welcome to our curriculum overview! The following page is designed to provide a general understanding of when specific learning standards are experienced by students.  Please note that the curriculum overview for each grade level and content area is not a comprehensive list of all resources (i.e. texts, workbooks, etc.) used in classrooms. Teachers make selections based on student interests and needs to address all Illinois learning standards.

What Parents Should Know:
Illinois Learning Standards

Middle School Encore Classes

Students attend Middle School Encore classes by trimester with a rotation through the various content areas (art, drama, modern media, music and STEM) throughout the year.  Therefore, the curriculum is designed for a single trimester experience and is then repeated for a new grouping of students.  The course descriptions in Trimester 1 for these classes includes the year of curriculum for the subject.   

Curriculum Overview

Concerns About Curriculum

Per Board Policy 6:260, those who have concerns about curriculum, instructional materials, or programs can file a complaint using the curriculum objection form. In addition, a parent/guardian may request that his/her child be exempt from using a particular instructional material or program by completing the form. 

Curriculum Objection Form