Pre-K — 5th Spanish Bilingual Program Program

Students holding hands around the world

How will the Spanish Bilingual Program help my child?

The program:

  • Provides support for English Learners’ linguistic and academic needs
  • Focuses on best practice and research- based instructional strategies
  • Is aligned with the Common Core State Standards through instruction in Spanish and English
  • Encourages a positive identity, self- confidence, and cultural pride in students
  • Supports students’ academic language in their native language of Spanish, to then later bridge them to a proficiency of academic language in English

Goals of the Program

What are the goals of the Spanish Bilingual Program and who does the Program serve?

  • To provide English Learners whose first language is Spanish and who have limited English proficiency, with equal access to education through the use of Spanish and English
  • To develop English language proficiency in accordance with the WIDA Language Proficiency Standards
  • To instruct students in both English and their native language in core academic subjects at school (language arts, math, science and social studies)
  • To grow biliterate students who can read, write and speak in Spanish and English
  • To teach the history and culture of the country of the students' native language

Frequent Asked Questions