District 34 has a comprehensive kindergarten program. Families can again choose to extend their child's day to a full-day experience with additional academic and social-emotional programming, with time for lunch and play. Families also have the option to choose a half-day program.

The full-day kindergarten option offers the following schedule: 


  • 90-120 literacy minutes
  • 30-60 math minutes
  • 30-60 minutes of SEL
  • 30-60 minutes of play


  • 60-120 minutes of social studies
  • 60-120 minutes of science
  • Art, Music, PE and Drama

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview for kindergarten is not a comprehensive list of all resources that are used in the classroom. Teachers make selections based on student interests and needs to address all of the Common Core State Standards.  

What Parents Should Know: Common Core Standards Graphic
IL Early Learning Standards Graphic