Early Childhood Program

The District 34 Early Childhood (EC) Program provides preschool education experiences to children ages three to five who live within Glenview School District 34.  The program includes a mix of blended classes (including bilingual Spanish-English classes).  Each blended class will include a mix of typically developing students (who pay tuition), students who meet at-risk criteria (and receive a tuition waiver), and students who have special education needs that are met within the classroom setting (and receive a tuition waiver).

We believe that each child is unique, develops at his/her own pace and is able to learn important life skills through play and interactions with others.  The EC program utilizes a play based approach through the Creative Curriculum in conjunction with Second Step and The Incredible Flexible You social-emotional curricula.  Each classroom uses a variety of learning centers including science and discovery, art, reading, dramatic play, toys and games, blocks, and outdoor learning.  Students also attend twice weekly Music and Movement classes.

Our staff and facilities

Early Childhood classrooms are housed at Westbrook School and are staffed by one teacher and two teaching associates.  All of our teachers are dually certified in early childhood and special education with an additional endorsement in English Language Learner instruction.  In addition, a social worker, school psychologist, several speech and language pathologists, an occupational therapist, and physical therapist are fully integrated into the program curriculum to provide support to all students.

Additional information about Early Childhood services

Developmental Screenings:
Glenview School District 34 conducts developmental screenings for any District 34 children ages 2.8 - 5 years for whom there are developmental concerns.  If you have concerns about your child’s development, please contact Stephanie Baquedano at sbaquedano@glenview34.org or (847) 657-2493 to schedule a screening.

Itinerant Speech Services

This model of speech/language service delivery is offered to students who are three-five years of age, are eligible for special education services under the category of speech/language, and are not enrolled in the early childhood program. Students come with their parent or guardian for speech/language therapy usually one to two times per week.  Students are seen by a speech/language pathologist who works with them in a small group or individually. Often times the parent observes therapy so they can carry over these activities and models within the home.