Concussion Management

A concussion can be a serious medical condition. Any member of the school community who believes a student is displaying concussion symptoms should immediately ensure the student is assessed by the school nurse. The nurse would then refer the student for further medical evaluation.

When parents or guardians have been informed that their student has been identified by a licensed medical doctor as having suffered a concussion, the following steps should be taken.

Actor Action
A. Parent or Guardian    
Notify the School Nurse of the injury and provide any documentation from the licensed medical doctor regarding specifics of the concussive injury and any relevant recommended accommodations that should be made, including duration for accommodations.
B. School Nurse
  1. Communicates with family and if appropriate, with doctor who treated student, to fully assess student’s condition
  2. Meets with student upon student’s return to school

  3. Assesses student’s medical needs in school context

  4. Collaborates with designated staff to communicate relevant information

C. APSS with Student’s Team Including School Nurse
  1. Collaborates with School Nurse to jointly assess student’s academic needs and jointly formulate accommodations for student, as appropriate.
  2. Distributes, in writing, accommodations to student’s teachers and parents
  3. May seek clarification from school nurse.
  4. Institutes accommodations as directed.
D. School Nurse
  1. Assess student’s progress
  2. Reassess accommodations, with additional input from licensed medical doctor of student, if appropriate 
  3. Communicate to teachers any updates to accommodations and/or suspension of accommodations, as appropriate