Our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

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Glenview 34: Return to Learn in 2020

Our Commitment

As we work to return to our "new normal," Glenview is committed to ensuring:

  • Community Safety - Health and safety is always the top priority.
  • Adaptability - We're ready to adapt to changes as they happen.
  • Equity - Ensuring equity and access for all students and families.
  • Board of Education Policy Adherance - We'll adhere and honor district policies and guidelines.
  • Communication - Glenview will always communicate consistently, clearly, and concisely.

District Health Updates

What D34 Return-to-Learn option is best for my family?

We realize each student and family is unique. Using feedback from the Glenview community and health & education experts, we have put together three Return-to-Learn options that ensure all students and families in Glenview District 34 have what they need to: Aspire. Explore. Discover. Connect.

The In-Person Model

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The Hybrid Model

The Virtual Academy

Student & Family Resources

Community Resources

Glenview / Northbrook Coronavirus Response
State of Illinois Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response