Medication Administration

When a student’s licensed health care provider and parent/guardian believe that it is necessary for the student to take a medication during school hours, they must request that the school dispense the medication to their child and otherwise follow the District’s procedures on dispensing medication.

No School District employee shall administer to any student, or supervise a student’s self-administration of, any prescription or non-prescription medication until a completed “Authorization and Permission for Administration of Medication” form is signed by a Health Care Provider as well as the parent/guardian and is submitted to the school Health Office. This form is valid for the current school year only.

  • Medication must be brought to the school in a container, labeled appropriately by the pharmacist or licensed prescriber. OTC (non-prescription) medication shall be brought in with the manufacturer's original label with the ingredients listed and the child's name affixed to the container. Any remaining medication should be picked up from the health office at the end of the school year or it will be discarded. Expired medication will not be administered

No student shall possess or self-administer any prescription or non-prescription medication on school grounds or at a school-related function other than asthma medication or an epinephrine auto injector with appropriate paperwork submitted as indicated below.

  • A student may possess medication prescribed for asthma or an epinephrine auto injector for immediate use at the student’s discretion, provided the student’s parent or guardian and doctor have completed and signed a “Parent/ Guardian Agreement Authorizing Self Carry/ Self Administration of Asthma Medication or Epinephrine Auto Injector” authorization, which is on the second page of the Authorization for Medication Administration. The student should also sign the indicated portion. The School District shall incur no liability, except for willful and wanton conduct, as a result of any injury arising from a student’s self-administration of medication.

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