Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee

What is BPAC?

BPAC is the Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee required for public school districts that offer transitional bilingual programs and/or transitional programs of instruction to multilingual learners. The committee meets at least four times per year (Section 228.30 Establishment of Programs: Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee) The committee consists of bilingual program parents, legal guardians of ELs, certified staff and other school personnel and EL community leaders. Membership is representative of the languages served by the District.

BPAC Goals

  • Advocate for students in the bilingual and EL programs
  • Help make decisions regarding the bilingual and EL programs Connect with other parents
  • Support the social emotional learning and academic achievement of EL student(s) by attending workshops, conferences and other events for parents of multilingual students

Our Meetings

At our meetings we:

  • Review the District's bilingual service plan.
  • Provide information related to instructional approaches and methods used in bilingual education programs
  • Discuss the types of assessments that their children take and results of such assessments
  • Review State and federal laws related to their child's participation in bilingual programs
  • Participate in the planning, operation and evaluation of bilingual and EL programs.
  • Meet to plan parent evenings.
  • The committees operate autonomously, including the selection of officers and the establishment of internal rules and procedures.

Meet the Hispanic BPAC Team

BPAC District Members

  • Raquel Kim, Assistant Superintendent for Multilingual Services
  • Alan Hernandez, Hispanic Community Coordinator

Spanish BPAC Leaders

  • Penélope Hurtado, President
  • Daniela Santos, Vice President
  • Lorena Isaza, Secretary
  • Elva Vazquez, Communications
  • Erika Osorio Gil & Josefa Cano Executive Members
  • Erica Johnson, Dual Language Teacher at Hoffman
  • Patty Puetz, Principal at Henking

Meet the Mongolian BPAC Team

BPAC District Members

  • Raquel Kim, Assistant Superintendent for Multilingual Services
  • Amina Terry, Mongolian Community Coordinator

Mongolian BPAC Leaders

  • Д. Өэлүн-Үжин, President
  • Б. Мөнхцэцэг, Vice-President
  • М. Нарандолгор, Communications
  • У. Баттулга, Communications
  • Г. Болор, Secretary
  • Т. Отгон, Executive Member
  • Р. Дэлгэрмаа, Executive Member
  • Б. Нара, Executive Member