Administration Shares PARCC Scores with Board

Following the state release of all PARCC scores on October 31, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction Beth Tsoumas shared with the Board of Education on Monday an analysis that shows the district’s growth from the previous year as well its overall performance compared to the state.  
Tsoumas’ report follows a lengthy presentation that was provided to the Board during its meeting last month, which went over the different types of assessments the district utilizes to determine student growth – one of which is PARCC. The district also utilizes assessments such as NWEA-MAP and STAR data, as well as external and internal surveys, principal walk-throughs and other formative and summative assessments designed by teachers.
Tsoumas noted that while the composite score as a district has remained flat when compared to the previous year, the district did see more students, over the course of three years, show different levels of mastery (moving from level 3 to 4 or level 4 to 5). This demonstrates student growth and is what the district anticipated seeing.
“What we attribute to this ongoing growth is that we are providing necessary supports or interventions to our students. We have also made important changes to our curriculum and instruction to better support our students in becoming college and career ready,” Tsoumas added.
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