Board Approves 2017 Budget, Committed to Reducing Deficit

Following a public hearing, the Glenview District 34 Board of Education approved the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget, which reflects $67.1 million in operating revenues and $69.8 million in operating expenditures. 

"As an administration, we continue to have difficult but important conversations regarding our approach to decreasing the overall projected deficit of $2.7 million. While the immediate goal is to reduce the deficit, long-term we must continue to be committed to finding efficiencies within our spending without negatively impacting student achievement," said Superintendent Dr. Dane Delli. 

 Operating expenditures were based on several factors such as anticipated student enrollment, approved instructional programming and planned capital projects. Operating revenues were based on factors such as the estimated 2017 tax levy extension, Board approved student fees, the current general state aid funding formula, and flat federal funding.