Change in Access to Schools, Administration Building

As part of the district’s continued review of its security procedures, you will experience a significant -- but important—change when visiting our buildings this coming school year. We appreciate your attention to this communication given its impact on all visitors to District 34 schools.
Recently, we installed new technology that locks the interior doors from the main vestibule into the front office at each school and at district office.  This change will allow for increased safety and security for students and staff, and more closely align District 34 with the practices of surrounding districts.
Moving forward, whenever visiting a District 34 building, you will no longer have immediate access to the front office. Instead, our front office staff will first need to correctly identify you through a security camera and have a confirmed reason for your visit. You will then gain access. As with past practice, you will still need to be run through our Raptor System prior to entering the school from the front office.
This method for how visitors enter school buildings is all rooted in the understanding that locking the interior door would provide another method to slow down a potential threat to school environments. If, for instance there was a perceived threat, main office staff could have additional time to utilize panic hardware to alert staff, students and first responders with a pre-recorded lock down message.  
With that said, we understand this will be a cultural shift for our community. However, it is an important change to provide increased security measures to everyone in our schools. We also appreciate being able to work closely with Glenview Police, Glenview Fire and a security consultant in order to receive their critical input to inform all changes we consider as it relates to the well being of our community.
We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make this change to enhance the safety and security of our buildings. For more information, please click here for a supportive FAQ