D34 ParentConnect Program: A SnapChat for Parents: RESCHEDULED

Mark your calendar for February 27, 2019, and plan to attend A “SnapChat” for Parents: Parenting Children & Adolescents in the Digital Era. You'll take home a better understanding of your children’s digital experience, as well as tips to help you help your children successfully navigate the digital world in which they live.

Let us know if you will attend the presentation and what you'd like to learn! 

District 34 administrators and teachers will discuss:
  • How devices and technology are used as positive tools for teaching and learning
  • What online resources students access while at school, and safety and security measures that monitor student use
  • What students learn at school about digital citizenship
Renee Dominguez, PhD, and Robin Lake, MA, LCSW, from Family Service Center (FSC) will discuss:
  • The risks and benefits of digital communication and social media use, including its impact of on social and emotional development and functioning
  • Practical considerations prior to introducing a smartphone
  • Supporting your child’s digital development through mentoring
  • Resources for parenting in the digital era
Officer Joel Detloff from the Glenview Police Department will share the considerations for youth online behavior, how the GPD addresses child online safety, and how they can serve as a resource for parents.
A SnapChat for Parents Program Flier