District 34 Recognizes Board Members for their Commitment to Leadership and Learning

Glenview District 34 is joining communities throughout the state to say “thank you” to local school board members on November 15, 2017. The date is officially designated each year as School Board Members Day in Illinois to honor these public servants for their contributions to our public schools.
“The decisions our school board members make impact so many aspects of our daily lives that we often overlook the service they provide, which allows our community to grow and thrive,” said Superintendent Dr. Dane Delli. “They are truly the leaders helping to shape our community and future generations.”
Delli surprised Board members at their meeting on Monday with the special recognition. Each Board member was given a certificate thanking them for their service to the district. Their families were also in attendance to take part in the recognition.   
As community trustees for the schools, school board members have oversight in District 34 for an annual budget of $70 million; more than 4,800 students in grades Prek-8; more than 700 employees; and eight school buildings.
“Board members give up their personal time and their family time because they understand the importance of local governance in our educational system. They take the lead on tough choices that effect not only our school and students, but the entire community,” Delli said. “On November 15 we recognize their commitment to the district, the students, and the people of Glenview and show how much we appreciate the service they have volunteered.”
The Glenview District 34 Board of Education Members are: Sam Ach (president), Natalie Jachtorowycz (Vice President), Jim Baumstark, John Heggie, Katie Jones, Jackie Lutz, and Diane Stefani.