District Presents FY19 Tentative Budget

Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Eric Miller provided a tentative budget to the Glenview District 34 Board of Education on Monday. This is the first opportunity the Board has to review the budget, with final approval not expected until the fall after a public hearing process.

The district is projecting $68 million in operating revenues and $68.6 million in operating expenditures. Miller noted that due to substantial work completed by the leadership team to identify efficiencies, it has resulted in the deficit being reduced by more than $1 million in next year’s budget. This work will be ongoing and continue to result in a more positive financial future for District 34.

Some of the efficiencies the district identified included a rebidding of service contracts such as waste and recycling at a lesser cost, working with other government agencies to joint bid for services like special education transportation and outsourcing large scale printing needs. In addition to this work, anticipated changes in student populations coupled with a more strategic deployment to staffing resulted in a reduction of approximately 26 staff members across the district.

“Following new leadership under Dr. Delli, we took a hard look at our budget development process in an effort to identify operational efficiencies. The goal was to find ways in which we could maintain the same levels of service but at a lesser cost, and we emerged with a more focused and strategic approach to our spending that is much more aligned with the needs of our organization,” Miller said.

Operating expenditures were based on several factors such as staffing allocation amounts approved by the Board, anticipated student enrollment, approved instructional programming and planned capital projects. Operating revenues were based on factors such as the estimated 2017 tax levy extension, Board approved student fees, an increase in state funding and flat federal funding.

The district will continue to make refinements to the budget over the next month before being posted to the district website for public viewing. The community will also have an opportunity to provide its input at a public hearing, which is typically scheduled in September. Following that process, it is expected the Board will take action on the final recommended budget.