Math Task Force Provides Update to Board

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction Beth Tsoumas provided the Board of Education with an update on Monday about the first year of using a new process to identify students for advanced or accelerated math.
This identification process was implemented this school year following an extensive amount of work by members of the Superintendent Math Task Force, which included parents, teachers, Board members and representatives from Glenbrook South High School.
Tsoumas noted the Math Task Force reconvened and met in December and January of this school year to reflect on the impact of the new identification process and determine any necessary refinements. As part of that, the Task Force determined that while largely the process should remain the same, some adjustments are necessary to support student success.
“What is important to note is that the identification process continues to advocate for students having the opportunity for advanced and accelerated courses, but doing so in a way that more appropriately matches with a student’s readiness and ability,” Tsoumas said.
Some of the more notable changes include the following:
  • The development of eligibility criteria for participation in the appeal process.
  • Minor adjustments to the matrix cut scores that determine the most appropriate math pathway for each student.
  • The elimination of the student survey and revisions to the parent survey, which are utilized to determine whether a student who does not automatically place into advanced or accelerated math should be considered for these pathways. It should be noted that the district utilizes other components when making this determination, but those components will not substantially change.
While these modifications will go into effect for placement for next school year, Tsoumas stressed that any student currently on the accelerated or advanced math pathway will remain. No student will be removed from that pathway due to these changes.
Parents are encouraged to visit for more information. Additional information will also be included with a letter sent home in March providing their child’s placement for next school year.