New Look for District 34

District 34 Logo - English & Spanish Versions
At the last staff gathering of the year, a new look for District 34 was unveiled, as the new strategic plan was launched. 

The strategic plan includes the District's mission, vision, values and goals. "The strategic plan is important because it will provide for us a roadmap in reaching our desired future, which is to become a premier school district," said District 34 Superintendent Dr. Dane Delli.

The process of creating the new brand image was led by a team of teachers, staff and parents, and included input from more than 800 stakeholders, including students. It includes versions of the logo in both English and Spanish. The District will follow brand guidelines to ensure that it is used consistently so that all stakeholders can easily recognize communication from District 34. The guidelines are available on the Communications page of the website. 
The launch of the District 34 Strategic Plan and new brand.