Snow Day Make-Up Plan: No Change for Students

In response to inclement weather, District 34 collectively made the decision with other Northfield Township school districts to cancel school on February 9, 2018. At the Board of Education meeting on Monday, Superintendent Dr. Dane Delli recommended that June 5 remain the last day of school for students. This day will be an early dismissal day for students in grades 1-7. Because this will be an early dismissal day, there will be an abbreviated schedule, which is as follows:

7:55-11 (Intermediate Schedule)

8:25-11:30 ( Middle School Schedule)

8:55-12 (Primary Schedule)

The last day for eighth grade students remains the same – May 30. Additionally, the last day of school for kindergarten students remains as June 4. Transportation will be provided to all students who typically ride the bus.

The last day for staff will be June 6. This means that while the last day for students is June 5, all staff will report to work on June 6 in order to make-up the day. Specific plans for that particular day will be determined and communicated closer to the date.