Superintendent Provides Update on Transition Plan

Superintendent Dr. Dane Delli provided the Board on Monday a summary of both recommendations and commendations following the completion of his year-long Transition Plan. The plan was developed and implemented immediately following the Board’s decision to hire Dr. Delli as the new superintendent last January.

Overall, the plan was designed to achieve the following goals:

1. To focus organizational efforts and align resources, financial and human, to ensure all students are provided a world-class education that will prepare them to be high school, college, and global workforce ready.

2. To learn and recognize the school district and individual school building cultures.

3. To assess the state of the school district, including core approaches to teaching and learning, operations, business systems, finances and budgeting, reviewing internal and external audits, evaluations, and reviews in order to take timely action for improvement.

4. To review strategic planning, with an eye toward a continued focus on best practice strategies in teaching and learning and supporting best practice operational strategies.

The plan was divided into five areas of focus, each of which Dr. Delli provided his observations about in the form of achievements as well as work that needs to still needs to be addressed. To view his presentation, please click here