Superintendent Search Update: Candidate Profile Presented to Board

Following numerous focus groups and a community survey, the firm conducting the superintendent’s search for Glenview District 34 presented Tuesday a superintendent-candidate profile. This profile is a representation of priorities and characteristics for the incoming superintendent.
Throughout the month of September, the search firm held focus groups with administrators, faculty, staff, parent/guardians, and community members. They also conducted a survey that generated 486 responses from these same stakeholder groups.  It was through this collective feedback that the firm was able to develop the profile.
The search firm first looked at strengths and challenges that were common across all the stakeholder groups and then developed priorities and characteristics needed to address or continue supporting these areas. The profile focuses on the following:
The new superintendent should be a person who is:
  • a credible thought leader who has the ability to inspire others to do what’s best for the students, the district and the community
  • an experienced professional with a proven track record
  • a strong leader who is visible throughout the district and community. That he or she enjoys interacting with staff; is approachable and genuine in relationships with staff, students and community members
  • an effective communicator who actively listens and can interact effectively with all stakeholders
  • a team builder who can work effectively with the Board, administrative team, staff and community
  • an instructional leader who recognizes what a quality curriculum looks like and recognizes the value of technology and how it can be utilized to engage students and improve learning
  • seeks to collaborate and works with others to make quality decisions with transparency
The Board, committees and consultants will use this profile as they screen and conduct interviews with candidates. A confidential committee composed of staff members and community members will be part of the interviewing process. It is critical it is confidential in order to protect the privacy of all the final candidates being considered.
It is expected that a final candidate will be presented to the Board of Education for approval in January.