Task Force Recommends Referendum

At the November 18 Board of Education meeting at Springman, the Building Future Task Force presented their recommendation for a referendum to address the facility needs in District 34.

Thirty-eight members of the task force -- parents, staff, community members and partners -- volunteered a great deal of their time to learn about the District’s facility needs, financing options and possible solutions. They took tours of schools, both the areas of need and the pilot learning spaces. They learned about the educational impact of the learning environment, reviewed considerations for full-day kindergarten, and took a deep dive into school financing in general and D34 finances specifically. 

They then provided thoughtful insight as they evaluated what they believed to be the best solution for the future of District 34’s schools. First and foremost, the task force considered community input. The task force looked at the feedback from community engagement sessions, as well as results of online, mail and phone surveys and polls:

The data shows that the Glenview community greatly values and supports schools. It also shows that taxpayers expect strong fiscal responsibility from all of their taxing bodies. With those two guiding facts, the task force recommended that the Board place a referendum on the ballot for the March 2020 primary election, and that the referendum include: 

  • All work needed at Springman
  • Work outlined in the architect’s facility assessment study to address failing mechanicals and other infrastructure deficits
  • Renovation of every classroom, in every building, to create learning spaces that meet the flexible, inquiry-based teaching and learning that we know is best for students 

Their recommended scope does not include additions for full-day kindergarten or to address other space issues, nor does it include construction or updates to the administration building. 

The financial structure of the solution they proposed reduces the amount of the referendum from the most comprehensive option by $37.5M, reducing the annual tax impact by $150 per $10,000 of a homeowner’s tax bill. The solution also reflects the recommendations of the Citizens Finance Advisory Committee (CFAC): 

Task force recommendation

The task force made an additional recommendation that the Board consider further efforts to reduce the amount of the referendum so that it is below $100M. The presentation outlines the cost variables in each solution they considered.

The Board will discuss the recommendations in greater detail at the December 2 Board of Education meeting (at 7:30pm at the D34 administration building, 1401 Greenwood Road in Glenview), and will take action at their December 16 meeting, also at 7:30pm at the admin building.