Work Continues for Superintendent Math Task Force

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction Beth Tsoumas provided an update to the Board regarding the Superintendent Math Task Force, which is currently evaluating the district's current math placement process.
The committee is comprised of key stakeholders including staff from District 34 and Glenbrook District 225, a member from the District 34 Board of Education, and parents. For more information on the members and the official charge of the committee, please visit
To date, the task force has held two meetings. In an effort to continually update the community, talking points from each meeting are posted to the district website. It is expected that a final proposal regarding the district’s identification and placement process for advanced and accelerated math will be presented for consideration at the March Board of Education meeting. 
The next meeting is scheduled for December 14, during which the committee will be discussing the purpose of an accelerated program and characteristics of students best served by acceleration.
Please look for continued communication about the work of the task force