Attendance Policies

Absence Policy

If, for any reason, a child must be absent from school, parents should call the school health coordinator before school begins each day that a child is absent.

Each school has a voice mail system that is available 24 hours a day. Parents can leave a message with absence information at any time, even when school is not in session.

Absences that have been accounted for through telephone communication do not require a written note when the child returns to school. However, if a child has had a communicable disease, a note is required from the doctor indicating that the child may return to school.

All children are expected to attend school on time every day. Repeated absence from school without a valid reason is considered truancy. The principal will contact parents as a first step in dealing with this problem.

School resources such as the nurse, social worker, etc. are available to assist in finding a solution. If the problem is not resolved at the local school, it shall be referred to the Truancy Officer at Suburban Cook County Regional Office of Education.

Tardy Policy

Students arriving after class time begins miss out on valuable instructional time.  They may miss a set of directions, review items, or an important explanation of a concept or skill; all of which support and enhance the learning process for our students.  

When students are late for school, they start their day rushed and hurried.  This may make them feel a sense of anxiety and is not the calmest or most effective way to begin a day.

Besides the impact on your child’s educational experience, consider, also, that consistently being tardy may contribute to habits that become hard to break and can hinder children in other areas of their lives.  We live in a society that values punctuality as a sign of reliability and dependability, as well as showing courtesy and respect.

Inability to participate in PE

If your child is unable to participate in PE due to a medical reason, the school nurse may write a note to excuse the child for one day.  If your child needs to be excused from PE due to a medical reason for more than ONE day, he or she needs a doctor’s note.