Head Lice Overview

In an effort to control the spread of head lice, we ask that you carefully inspect your child’s scalp at least once a week.  The best way to find head lice is to take your child to a well lit area, use a magnifying glass and a fine-tooth comb and inspect the base of the hair shafts within a quarter inch of the scalp.  You may see crawling lice, it is more probable that you will see nits (lice eggs) firmly attached to the hair shaft.  Although many children have no symptoms, some children experience an itchy scalp, a feeling of tingling or movement in the hair or scratch marks on the scalp.

If you suspect or confirm that your child has head lice, contact your pediatrician and the school nurse regarding treatment.  Your child may return to school as soon as the school nurse has verified that the child has been appropriately treated.

Head Lice Info and Forms