Steps to Register a NEW Student Entering District 34 (HAS NEVER ATTENDED)

NOTE: These steps are for NEW students who have never attended a District 34 before.
For steps to register students RETURNING to District 34, please

Step 1: Complete the New Student Application.

Click HERE to fill out the online application


Step 2: After filling out an application, you will need to bring the following documents to the school office.

Required forms (All documents are in PDF format):
  • A certified copy of the student's Birth Certificate. More information on Birth Certificates can be found HERE.
  • If your child is transferring from another public school district outside of Illinois, please fill out the Student Transfer Form.
  • If your child will be entering grades 6-8, please fill out the Middle School Program Selection Form.
Required Health Forms (for details please read our Health Letter): Please read the following documents for information about District 34 and various programs (these do not need to be filled out):  

Step 3: Create a PowerSchool account (or link this student to your existing account) and complete online registration.

Once the school has reviewed and accepted your application you will receive an email with your Reference ID and Reference Key and a step by step guide on how to create a Parent Powerschool Account or add your new student to your existing account.

After you create your account in our PowerSchool system, please click Registration in the left-hand navigation and fill in the required information.

PLEASE NOTE: If you indicated a preferred start date on your application other than the first day of school, your school office will contact you with your student’s actual start date.


STEP 4: Complete Online Residency Verification.

Go to:
Fill out the Affirmation Letter and upload the needed documents.


STEP 5: Pay school fees**

  1. Go to our online web store at EFUNDS FOR SCHOOLS
  2. Login with your existing account or create a new account. You will need your student's ID# when creating an account. Your child's ID Number was included in your "application accepted" email.
  3. Click Student Fees - your student's name - add the school fees to your cart and checkout.
(Please know there is a $2.65 fee per transaction associated with paying fees through the web store.)

  1. Click HERE and download/print your school's fee sheet.
  2. Bring your check along with the fee sheet to your school's office.
** If you plan to apply for free or reduced lunch, please do not pay fees. Applications to renew your free or reduced status for the upcoming school year will be mailed to your home in mid July.  The application is also available online HERE, or at your school office. Return the form to your school office or our Food Service Department at or 847-486-7702. 


Once you have finished these five steps, your registration will be complete.

Additional Information about Registration

For those without computer access or need additional support, you can visit the Administration Building at 1401 Greenwood Rd, and successfully complete this process. 

If you need any further assistance, please contact your school's office:
Henking: (847) 998-5035
Lyon: (847) 998-5045
Westbrook: (847) 998-5055
Glen Grove: (847) 998-5030
Hoffman: (847) 998-5040
Pleasant Ridge: (847) 998-5050
Attea: (847) 486-7700
Springman: (847) 998-5020